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Mack and Damer, two veteran extreme athletes, attempt to dominate in the OCR world (Obstacle Course Racing) by recreating the grueling challenges and obstacles of actual OCR's and developing the best methods of conquering them. They then share their findings with the audience so they too can become an OCR King!

OCR Training and Tips

Watch the OCR Kings analyze, back-engineer, and recreate obstacles from all the biggest obstacle course race franchises. They will show you how to train for these obstacles using what they build as well as alternative methods using familiar workout equipment.

OCR Race Footage

Watch videos of Mack and Damer's complete race footage - full OCR's with all obstacles from races such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Savage Race, Bone Frog Challenge, and more!

OCR Gear Reviews

Find out what to wear and what gear to use when competing or participating in an obstacle course race. The OCR Kings will review everything from footwear to heart rate monitors, cameras, drones, and beyond.

Videos / Playlists

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